About Nature vs Machine       

    I'm an accessories designer from Madison, WI. I first learned to sew on a machine around the age of 8 and have been sewing constantly since. In H.S., sick of the endless search for unique clothing, I began designing clothing for myself and friends. Before long I was thrifting for vintage fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces. In H.S. I also took my first art metals class and fell in love with the medium. After high school I moved from clothing design into accessories design. I have been designing clothing and accessories for over 10 years and designing jewelry since I was a child. I appreciate the challenge of drafting my own patterns and designs and creating something from scratch. I never patterns for any of my pieces; everything I create is designed by me from the ground up. I am inspired by street style, contrasting color combinations, vintage fabrics, and abstract design.

    My line, Nature vs Machine, was started due to a dislike of cookie cutter trend-of-the-moment items and poorly designed and constructed mass-produced accessories. I create as well as buy independently designed items. I prefer to keep my dollars circulating amongst fellow artists where it is needed and appreciated versus putting my money into the pockets of faceless corporations. 

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